11.08.18 - The Tyranny of Distance

imagenews An exhibition between TALM-Angers and Tin Flats, Los Angeles. Conceived by Art by Translation and FLAX.

Taking place simultaneously in Angers and Los Angeles, separated by more than 9,036.04 km, this exhibition explores the various constraints and possibilities posed by distance and the necessary translations that separation implies.

Openings on Thursday, November 8, 6-9pm PST in Los Angeles and 6-9pm CET in Angers.
Curator’s walk-through at 7:30pm followed by a reading of the book, "Sydney, 1981. An Introspection for Two Voices in a Bar" written by Maxime Boidy and Pierre Paulin.

In Angers, at Galerie Thézé, TALM-Angers, 72 rue Bressigny. 49100 Angers, France Opening hours Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Angers Website

In Los Angeles, at Tin Flats 1989 Blake Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039 Opening hours Monday - Tuesday and Friday - Saturday, 12pm-6pm. FLAX Website

With A Constructed World, Roland Baladi, Dominique Blais, Mel Bochner, Julie Fortier, David Horvitz, Sharon Kulik, David Lamelas, Emily Mast, Pierre Paulin, Joshua Schwebel, Mieko Shiomi and Art by Translation participants (FLAX residents): Lila Athanasiadou, Jasmin Blasco, Daniel Frota, Jeff Guess, Slow Reading Club.
Curators: Maud Jacquin, Anna Milone, Sébastien Pluot

A day of simultaneous performances on November 10: noon-3pm in Los Angeles / 9pm-midnight in Angers. Performances by Jasmin Blasco, Daniel Frota, David Horvitz, David Lamelas. Reading of the book written by Maxime Boidy and Pierre Paulin and activation of Spatial Poem #9 by Mieko Shiomi.

In Angers, workshops by Daniel Frota on November 7, 8 and 9 and by Slow Reading Club on November 20. The workshop by Slow Reading Club is preceded by a collective reading session on the evening of November 19, 9pm-12am.

"Nutrisco & Extingo", a study day organized by the Laboratoire Art & Aliments (Julie Fortier and Fabien Vallos) on November 12, 2pm-6pm

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